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Lil Peep Shawty

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Lil Peep

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a friend once asked me why i look up to a 21 yr old soundcloud rap phenomenon who exploded onto a scene created by his own presence, blew up clubs all over the states and abroad, and the next year he was gone.


thats probably the mean age of only god knows how many have passed just last year. ive been 21. i remember what its like to not give a fuck about what anyone else thinks about my actions at that time. when your image is what makes you, its also what mostly breaks you — and all of Peep’s songs are clearly made in that present tension, that swag of Benz Truck to a slow death in Lose My Mind.

its art: pure and simple and said straight from the heart from a well-respected mild natured young man.

to answer my friend, i dont look up to him. i look ten years ago, when i almost died when i fell off a building, but just didnt. those things dont matter to me any more than Peeps drugs of choice or use. according to a #TMZ report,(wouldn’t you know it) Peep tested positive for marijuana, cocaine and the painkiller Tramadol in his blood. his urine tested positive for all those drugs, plus other powerful opiates such as Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone (Dilaudid), Oxycodone and Oxymorphone. is that all? do you know how many people were treated for addiction in the US alone in 2017? 19.7 million. yeah, thats right.let it sink in. and guess what. it’s risen in the last three years to almost 21 million now.

what matters to me is the music. the feel. and the melodies. and Peep’s “realness”.

to me, thats all there is. i’ve grown up and now theres parts of my psyche that i never felt ten years ago. some times i wish lil peep had got the chance to live through more fucked up fun nights like so many others still vibin’ — but — like so many others I’m attracted to the sound, the music and the lifestyle that accompanies often depressed but creative individuals. and I know it was my love for death that killed him.

if you’ve never heard of #LilPeep or his songs, try one here:

Live Forever

recently Peep’s songs crossed 200,000,000 plays on #Spotify. his mom #Liza who runs his twitter account now, reposted this:

250 mil plays #ripgus

follow her here:

Original Version

he would’ve been super-stoked to be certified #Gold. and he probably is and we just can’t see it. cause you know #energyneverdies.

Live with Tracy
last show at el paso

*edit *

in about 2–3 years, I think Lil Peep wrote and made somewhere around 250–300 songs or maybe even more. that’s just insane. but wait, theres a lot of writing credits and features that i don’t even know about, and I still discover new ones everyday three years after he left us. that’s quite impressive. and now he lives on everyday in the millions of lives he touched, just like he predicted he would, way back in his #schemaposse days.

live forever

edit 2 *** i just had to add this here: #shotbywiggy

they dont really need an explanation, i think.

this is jus amazing!

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